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Exceptional products



«A tradition of stylish design»

Our company specialises in creating handles and buckles in various shapes and dimensions.

We follow production from prototyping to bulk production following the bespoke specifications

of our clients.

We are able to offer our traditional expertise in selecting the best raw materials,

special processes and high quality.

PROFILES by the metre

«The consistency of a perfect profile»

Our machines operate on a constant cycle to create profiles in EVA rubber by the metre,

in various thicknesses and densities.

The strict tolerances that we apply to our articles ensures that application is simple in any use.

Product can be supplied already cut

to measure either with, or without,

the application of a simple adhesive.

SlideProfili Sagomati.jpg


«The strength of detail»

The professionalism gained over the years has enabled our technicians to create reliefs,

logos and buckles in EVA rubber, machine milled by CNC in various thicknesses, sections and densities.

Particular requirements can be specified

by each customer and translated into product

through the use of CNC machinery.


«Maximised automation»

The research and development department of our team is at the forefront of the development of bespoke panels and reliefs for bags, with or without logo’s or applications, writing, embossing, in bespoke customer designs.

The whole process is carried out by numerically controlled technology whether small, medium or large production runs.

Prodotti: Prodotti


«The supports that last over time»

We have a great deal of experience in "supports" designed for your products.

We are able to produce metal rods in iron or steel,

cut with laser technology

in a wide range of thicknesses.

Each of our components are effective

in supporting others,

firmly fixing their position.

These products enable the correct reinforcement

of the structure of your handles, bags and buckles.


«The details that make the difference»

Our innovative processes make us a leader in this area

of filled webbings. For example for straps for backpacks, bags, purses, suitcases, etc.

In fact, our padding adapts effectively

to all the tubular webbings of our Customers,

to meet varied load resistances, aesthetic factors

and each customers sustainability requirements.

Regarding this last and crucial aspect,

our staff always propose using recycled

and certified materials wherever possible.

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